Open Design of Python Certification Exam Mascots Made Available for use for Free

Python Engineer Development Association (Headquarters: Setagaya, Tokyo; Chair & CEO: Tadashi Yoshimasa) has created an open design for the official Python certification examination mascots and made it available to the public for free.

In response to the large number of requests for a free design sheet for the mascots Py-chan & Thon-kun—the Python certification examination mascots that are extremely popular in Japan and the rest of the world—the company has created and released an open design of the characters.

Py-chan & Thon-kun, the Official Python Examination Mascots

(Yellow: Py-chan  Blue: Thon-kun)

  • Design Sheet Terms of Use
    Users of the design sheet may use, or modify and re-use the design sheet for free providing that they accept the following terms:
  • Use must be related to the development and training of Python programmers.
  • Available to use for commercial purposes (including the creation of materials, etc. for sale).
  • The mascots may be adopted as the official mascots of a third-party, but the following link to the web page introducing the mascots must be referenced:
  • Use of the design sheet is entirely at the risk of the user.
  • The open design may be withdrawn without notice for various reasons.
  • While use and modification rights are granted for free to users of this design, copyright or ownership of the design is not transferred to them.
  • Downloading the Design Sheet

Please contact us to get Design Sheet.

We have other design, Py-chan & Thon-kun armrest